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  • Residential and Commercial
    We specialized on
    full renovation
    We dedicated to providing quality professional
    and experienced
    construction services to
    our commercial customers.
    Our Services
  • Residential and Commercial
    Years of experience in
    structural elements.
    We guarantees quality workmanship in
    structural residential
    and commercial
    wood framing.
    Our Services
  • Residential and Commercial
    New construction
    or full renovation.
    We specialized on carpentry, framing,
    drywall, finishing,
    painting, floors
    and carpeting.
    Our Services

Welcome to FAE Construction LLC

The first thing we build is trust

We a group of highly respected, talented and experienced professionals who combine their expertise on every project in order to deliver a quality finished project on time and within budget.

About us

Our Safety

We are licensed and Insured with a CBE Certification. License #02111508

Worksite safety is critical to any construction project, and maintaining high safety and health standards for our employees is a fundamental objective of FAE Construction LLC. Each and every team member accepts the responsibility for an accident-free work environment.

A successful project is a safe project.



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